The Enamelware Lover’s Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

For Him – The Outdoorsman

Rugged outdoorsmen demand tableware as tough and versatile as their lifestyle. Fortunately, our Jumbo Mug fits the description to a tee. This vessel can withstand the wear and tear of life both on and off the beaten path. Use this spacious mug for your cup of morning coffee or as a bowl for breakfast, chili, and soups. Go ahead and throw it on the campfire to heat up your dinner after a long trek — our enamelware is built to handle open flames year after year. Here’s the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for the mountain man in your life.

Jumbo Mug D12DBM
Enamelware Open Roasters

For Him – The Grill Master

Finally, a perfect gift for that enthusiastic backyard chef! These enamelware Open Roasters can be given as a set, and nest inside each other for easy storage. Because of its deep dish design, the platter is ideal for marinating meat and prepping food for the grill.The open roasters have a rolled edge that makes covering meals with foil easy and free of frustrations. They’re easy to clean, too, meaning less time scrubbing dirty dishes and more time enjoying the feast with friends and family. Plus, they’re scratch resistant and don’t shatter like glass or porcelain, so you never have to worry about bringing these dishes out on the patio or to the picnic.

For Her – The Entertainer

They say diamonds are forever — enamelware is, too. Let’s be honest — sometimes the most memorable gifts are the useful ones. Our Large Pink Pitcher is a beautiful and practical addition to any gathering to serve drinks, or as an elegant vase for a bouquet of flowers or centerpiece. As a bonus this year, a portion of the proceeds from our pink items goes to Dress for Success, an organization dedicated to empowering women.

Large Pink Pitcher  D27PKM
Oval Platter  D61TQM

Our Oval Platter is a great way to round out your Crow Canyon Home enamelware collection. This dish makes impromptu get-togethers a joy. Classy, shatterproof, and easy to clean, it is well-suited for serving hors d’oeuvres, fresh vegetables, or used in home as a coffee tray.

For Him or Her – The Baker

Our enamel Muffin Tin and Brownie Pan are both wonderful ways to sweeten up your loved one’s Valentine’s Day. The non-stick surface of the enamelware means you don’t have to chip or pry at your beautiful desserts to remove them from the pans and makes cleaning up a deliciously simple task.

Hint: pair these gifts with muffin or brownie mixes to give your significant other a chance to try out their new bakeware right away!

Brownie Pan D101DBM
Muffin Tin  D70RM

For the Kids

Kids enjoy a good kitchenware set just as much as adults do. Our lovely Children’s Tea Set is every little girl’s dream come true, but it’s also something adults can use and appreciate, too. This adorable collection comes with three cups, matching saucers, and a teapot. And the best part is that all of our enamelware is made to last a lifetime — no more broken cups or broken hearts at the tea party.

Tea Set Tea43PKM
Bake Set  BakerRM

Our Children’s Bake Set is the hottest item in the kitchen this month. Our muffin pans, bread pans, and brownie pans can handle all of the youthful enthusiasm kids bring into the kitchen. These dishes are easy to clean and impossible to break. There’s no better way to make sweet memories in the kitchen with your kiddos that last as long as your enamelware.