Announcing Our Pink Charity Recipient for 2018

For this year’s pink product giveaway, we are excited to share our enthusiasm for Dress For Success, a nonprofit organization focused on empowering women to achieve economic independence and self-sufficiency. Throughout the year, the profits from all products from our Pink Collection will be donated to benefit this organization. 

Why did we choose Dress for Success?

Dress For Success was created by Nancy Lublin in the basement of a church in 1996. Since then, it has blossomed into a network of almost a million women in 150 cities across 28 different countries. The basic premise is simple — many women don’t have access to professional outfits for job interviews. This can be a major obstacle in the job hunting process.

Many women face difficulties like overcoming drug addiction, abuse, or extreme poverty. These women are often single mothers who lack support groups or the means to provide for their children. Professional attire can be an expensive luxury many of these women simply can’t afford. Appearances aren’t everything, but many employers are quick to judge interviewees by their clothing — a confident look can increase the chances of securing a job dramatically.

How does it work?

Through Dress For Success, people donate professional clothing to local affiliates. Homeless shelters, immigration services, domestic violence shelters, drug and alcohol treatment centers, and similar social services can refer women to a nearby Dress For Success location. Local volunteers can then furnish these women with professional attire to help them feel confident and prepared for a job interview.

In addition to clothing, the organization provides resources for job training, access to local job referral agencies, career counseling, and a warm community of volunteers to support and encourage women before and after their interviews. 

Once a job is secured, Dress For Success offers resources that help these women continue to build skills and retain their new career.

It’s about futures, not clothes. 

By providing clothes to job seekers, the organization offers much more than just a wardrobe boost. It provides an enriching and supportive environment for both its volunteers and beneficiaries. It instills hope, confidence, friendship, and a tangible sense of community to everybody involved. Most importantly, the organization equips women with self-esteem and lifelong skills they need to achieve long-lasting economic independence.

Get involved.

There are many easy ways to get involved with Dress For Success: donating clothes or financial gifts, volunteering, and providing job training or employment opportunities. You don’t have to be in need to join the community and connect with others, either. Simply raising awareness for the cause, referring a friend in need, or even taking advantage of our donation can be an invaluable contribution as well.

Our hope is that others not only take a minute to look at this incredible organization, but that we can show others just how fulfilling it can be to give back. Read some of the amazing success stories from women who have gone through the Dress For Success program.