Happy 2018! Check Out Some of This Year’s New Products

2018 is finally upon us, and we have some exciting new products to share with you this new year (along with a few old favorites we’ve brought back). Request an order form or find a retailer near you.

New Turquoise

Since we’ve launched this line, our turquoise products have been a hit. Why? We’re guessing it has something to do with the way turquoise pairs so well with neutrals and warm tones, bringing a bright, cheerful color balance to your brunch or dinner. Or maybe, as Pantone® observes, it offers a sort of escape — a breath of tropical air.  

New Shapes

Our Small Rectangular Tray offers a new take on stately simplicity, while the Splatterware Measuring Pitcher brings new functionality to an old classic. Overall, we’re dedicated to delivering new products that allow you to add to your growing collection in fun and interesting ways.



New Colors

Love our splatterware Pasta Plate? This year, we’re offering the same great item in a vintage white with blue or black rims. Create color dimension within your existing collection or build a matching set.

Back from the Vault

Sometimes items just feel good, and you get attached — then, just when you need them, they disappear. In reintroducing our classic splatterware 6-Cup Muffin Tins, our hope is that you’ll know you can count on us to listen to your requests. We appreciate you!