Enameling is a practice that existed for eight centuries — and somehow, it’s still perfect for our modern lifestyle. Since the 13th Century, vitreous enamel has been used as an artistic medium among different cultures worldwide, including in ancient Egypt, Greece, Georgia, Ireland, Great Britain, Persia, and China.

After 1840, the first enamelware pot was popularized and the practice quickly spread to other cooking vessels, underground pipes, and bathtubs. As developments in working with sheet metal made widespread production more possible, the iconic designs we still see today were born and popularized in Europe and the United States.

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Building a classic

In addition to following age-old aesthetics, Crow Canyon Home maintains a deep commitment to traditional standards of quality. We’ve used the same factory in Asia to house our production for the past 40 years, and all of our items are meticulously handmade using processes that have been around for centuries.

Beginning at extremely high heat, Crow Canyon Home porcelain is fused onto the steel base, making it safe for the oven and all heat sources. From there, the items are hand-dipped in multiple times to build a porcelain base cover and top-coat that can withstand any heat source, including open flame.

For our traditional splatterware pattern, a second color is actually flicked on by an artisan using a specially designed brush. The marble pattern naturally varies from piece to piece, making each one a unique collectible.

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Stylish, sustainable & functional

the tableware that will make your life easier

Far from becoming obsolete, vitreous enamel finishes have progressed over the years to become even stronger, making enamelware products ideal for those looking for versatile solution to just about every occasion. Each Crow Canyon Home piece is tested individually by an independent laboratory to meet both FDA and California Food Safety regulations.

Easy to clean and oven safe

Shatterproof & great for kids

Lightweight enough to bring outdoors

Stylish & suitable for any occasion

Completely food safe, even when chipped